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UCGEC Volunteer Sign Up Form

Do you want to meet and work with other energetic cleantech entrepreneurs to promote green energy collaboration between the US and China? Signup in our volunteer database to receive more information on opportunities.

Background, experience, affiliations, etc
It is the intent of UCGEC, a California non-profit public benefit corporation ("UCGEC") that in order to enhance their credibility, insure their longevity, and reward the participation of their members, sponsors, partners and other volunteers, all activities must be done professionally. In that regard, UCGEC has created the following standards and rules that are to be followed by all volunteers involved with any of the Activities ("Volunteer Standards"). By your signature below, you agree to adhere to the Volunteer Standards. 1. Duty of Honesty and Integrity — Any assistance you provide to any Activity will be on a volunteer basis. While each Activity is requiring its members to sign an agreement releasing volunteers from liability for their participation in such Activity, it is expected that all volunteers will act with the utmost integrity at all times while participating in any Activity events . It is also expected that volunteers will be respectful of the members, mentors, judges, other volunteers, sponsors and Activity and UCGEC staff members. 2. Time Commitment — We expect that by agreeing to be a volunteer for any Activity, each volunteer will commit the time necessary to meet the requirements of the activities to which he/she has committed him/herself. 3. Release — You hereby release UCGEC, the Activities and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, and representatives from any liability for costs, damages or expenses attributable to or in any way arising out of any Activities in you participate. 4. Term / Miscellaneous — Each volunteer shall be bound by the Volunteering Standards during the year in which this agreement was executed, and for all future years in which such person provides volunteer services for a Activity (without any requirement to re-execute this agreement), unless or until terminated or amended by UCGEC. UCGEC deeply appreciates the investment of time and energy its volunteers are committing to the Activities and the effort volunteers are making to help promote the development of environmentally beneficial technologies. Please click "I Agree" to acknowledge that you have read this agreement and will adhere to the Volunteer Standards described herein.