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Wang, Yanjia 王彦佳

Tsinghua University

Wang Yanjia has experiences in researching energy efficiency in industry, energy policy and energy economics for more than 20 years. She has research experiences in France, Thailand, USA, Japan and Mongolia. She has worked with energy intensive industrial sectors such as iron & steel, cement, pulp & paper and textile. She taught a course titled “Energy and Environment in China” at UC Berkeley, USA. She is teaching a course titled “Enterprise Energy Management and Conservation” at Tsinghua University which covers the items of ESCO, financing energy conservation project, energy efficiency case study and energy auditing. She has practice at energy conservation in industry. She is invited as a guest lecturer at many training-on-the-job programmes domestically and internationally on energy efficiency technology. Ms. Wang received a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1984, an M.S. in energy system engineering in 1989, both from Tsinghua University.

王彦佳 教授, 建材科学研究院 王彦佳教授二十多年来一直从事工业能效、能源政策和能源经济研究。她有在法国、泰国、美国、日本和蒙古进行研究的经验。她曾与水泥、钢铁、制浆造纸和纺织等能源密集型部门一起工作。还曾在美国加州大学伯克利分校讲授过“中国的能源和环境”课程。目前,在清华大学开设了“企业能源管理与节能”的课程,内容涵盖了ESCO、节能项目融资、能效案例研究和能源审计等方面。她在工业节能方面有实践经验。她还受邀成为国内和国际能效技术培训项目的客座讲师。 王教授分别在1984年和1989年获得清华大学化学工程学士学位和能源系统工程硕士学位。