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Ni, Weidou 倪维斗

Former Vice President 前副校长
Tsinghua University, China 清华大学

Prof. Ni Weidou has devoted to the study of turbomachinery systems and especially of the dynamics of thermal power systems for long time. His achievements include mainly the following parts: 1) Putting forward a series of advanced modeling methods and control strategies for complex thermal power systems and their components; 2) Development of online remote vibration monitoring and diagnostic systems for large scale power units; 3) Key role for organizing and promoting the digesting, assimilating, applying and spreading of the advanced gas turbine technology. For his outstanding achievements, Prof. Ni Weidou was awarded several Prizes for Scientific and Technology Progress (STP), including: 1) One First Class Prize and two Second Class Prizes for STP of State Education Ministry of China; 2) One First Class Prize for STP of State Electric Power Ministry of China; 3) One Second Class Prize for STP of China. Prof. Ni Weidou is also an important and influential scientist in the field of energy and power in China. As the member of the Consultant Group of State Fundamental Research and Planning and the Co-chairman of Energy Group of CCICED, he is continuing giving consultation on state energy policies as well as on the planning and approving of important research and engineering projects in Chinese energy field. Prof. Ni is now paying great attention on the sustainable development of energy in China. He has put forward the point of view of that, polygeneration based on coal gasification is the key strategy for the sustainable development of China and spares no efforts in promoting the research and implementation of polygeneration strategy in China. He also paid attention in the research of renewable energies in China, including the Concession Approach for wind power exploitation, Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for market cultivation of renewable energy and biomass gasification for cooking, heating and small scale power generation in agricultural provinces. Prof. Ni has extensive connections with United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and international industrial and academic circles. He is now keeping close cooperation with University Committee of Environment (UCE) of Harvard University and Center for Energy and Environment Studies (CEES) of Princeton University.

倪维斗教授 中国科学院院士、清华大学前任副校长 1950年入清华大学,1951年到苏联包曼高工学习,1957年初获工程师称号,回清华任教。1960~1962年赴列宁格勒加里宁工学院为研究生,获副博士学位。历任清华大学燃气轮机教研组主任,热能工程系、汽车工程系系主任,1988~1994任清华大学副校长,在此期间曾任国家煤燃烧重点实验室主任,国家“攀登B”项目首席专家。1990年被俄罗斯圣彼得堡国立技术大学授予荣誉科学博士,1999年被选为中国工程院院士,现任教育部科学技术委员会主任,中国环境与发展国际合作委员会能源工作组中方组长。