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Porat, Marc

Calstar Cement

Marc has founded and led technology and materials companies since 1983. In the past six years, he has created a group of companies focused on climate change and the built environment. Marc is Chairman of Serious Materials, leading manufacturer of sustainable building materials including Quiet brands, EcoRock and ThermaProof windows all focused on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission. Chairman & CEO, CalStar Cement, a developer and manufacturer of a high-performance, sustainable low-CO2 cement suitable for bricks, precast concrete and general use cement. Chairman, ZETA Communities, manufacturer of affordable factory-built homes that operate at net zero energy. Chairman, Heliotricity, a developer and manufacturer of solar modules that can be integrated into the building envelope. Marc’s Stanford University doctoral dissertation is The Information Economy. Following, he served as senior economist at U.S. Department of Commerce and then a Director of the Aspen Institute. Marc was recruited by Apple Computer to lead a project that developed a smart PDA. He served as Chairman & CEO of General Magic, an Apple spin-out that created communication and software and pioneered the concept of personal communicators and intelligent agents and took the company through its IPO; Chairman, Perfect Commerce, an enterprise supply management company providing CRM, sourcing and procurement software and supply chain optimization; Chairman & CEO, Private Satellite Network, a DBS pioneer that built and operated business television networks for Fortune 500 companies. Marc is a supporting member of Natural Resource Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, U.S. Green Building Council, China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Rocky Mountain Institute, Alliance for Climate Protection and Global Green. Marc Porat 首席执行官, Calstar Cement